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All Voices Must Be Heard Against Injustice

Written by Thursday, June 11, 2015
Disturbing video of a young black teenage girl being pushed to ground and restrained by an officer with his knee in her back re-ignited outrage over excessive use of force between white police and African Americans. It seems the brutality never ends. Noticeably absent from the discussion, however, was the voice of NOW (National Organization for Women). The feminist group who advocates for justice and equality of women remained silent about the McKinney, TX incident from the time it occurred on Friday until Tuesday. By then, Officer David Casebolt had already resigned from the department. Political commentator Roland Martin, who…

Celebrate Black Music Month

Written by Thursday, June 04, 2015
With Black History Month 2015 four months in the past, it’s time for another reminder of contributions made by African Americans. And what better way to honor black history than with black music? June just happens to be Black Music Month, and it’s perfectly timed for the myriad of summer concerts planned. After all, who doesn’t appreciate some form of black music? From jazz to gospel, blues to R&B, soul to funk and hip-hop, the undeniable beat, lyrics and mood of music written, sang, played and performed by black artists has made a permanent impact on the music scene. The…
Ministers from Inglewood and surrounding communities observed the National Day of Prayer on May 7 with their 32nd Annual Prayer Breakfast. The Inglewood Area Ministers Association brings together religious leaders, local business, congregations and fraternal groups to pray for peace, protection and success in the City of Inglewood. Chaired by Bishop Robert T. Douglas, Sr., PhD, the organization offers opportunities for community outreach, ministerial counseling, fellowship and business networking. Keynote speaker, Pastor Xavier Thompson of the Southern Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, gave a stirring speech about the importance of prayer to building a community: “Nothing is going to…

Make Monday ‘Memorial’

Written by Thursday, May 21, 2015
While Memorial Day holds meaning and honor for those who have died serving in the military, sometimes the enthusiasm can take a back seat to family gatherings and backyard barbecues. It can become a backdrop to having a Monday off work. But perhaps, the meaning of Memorial Day can be enhanced by the word “Memorial.” We need to remember how blessed we are in this country to have fellow citizens who are willing to lay down their lives on the line for us. It is no small gesture. To fully appreciate the significance of this holiday, more needs to be…

A Mother Like None Other

Written by Thursday, May 07, 2015
We often say (verbally and through greeting cards) that our words cannot adequately express our gratitude toward mom. It can seem overwhelming to express our feelings sometime, but I’m sure mom would appreciate it if we would try a little harder. So this Mother’s Day, I hope you will go the extra mile to convey your heart-felt thanks to the woman who has given you life. I know you’ll be rushing around this weekend end, shopping, making plans, cleaning the house and trying to make everything perfect. But here is your assignment; it will only take a few minutes. Sit…

Can You Feel Our Pain?

Written by Thursday, April 30, 2015
Widespread examples of excessive force by police, though devastating, does offer teachable moments. Maybe those fortunate civilians who never had to deal with police brutality, those who see officers as their “friends,” can now relate to what people of color have endured for years. The plethora of reports on unarmed black men being injured or gunned down by white officers has reached epidemic proportions which can no longer be ignored. Media scrutiny has shined a light on a facet of life that black people know all too well, but which most white people seldom see. As President Barack Obama said…

Are You Ready for Change?

Written by Thursday, April 23, 2015
The ever changing face of Inglewood is becoming more apparent as you drive down the avenues and boulevards. And the excitement among residents is palpable. We are building a destination city, and yes, plenty of people with money to spend are going to come. The question is, what will they find when they get here? It’s time to increase our capacity. If you find yourself out-sold, out-promoted, or even out-placed, you’ll have no one else to blame but yourself. Many times, when change happens, old timers are passed up, and find themselves the victims of change. We all know of…

Blacks Don’t Do Green Stuff and Other Myths

Written by Thursday, April 16, 2015
With Earth Day upon us, people around the globe are reminded of how precious natural resources are to human life. Basics like healthy food, clean water, and a safe environment contribute to an overall healthier planet. But often, the struggle to keep food on the table and the proverbial “wolf” away from the door has diverted the attention of African Americans, as a group, from becoming bigger players in the Green Movement. This, however, does not mean that we don’t care about environmental issues. In fact, a new generation of black environmentalists is proving that we do indeed care about…
Last week’s message about playing up the positive side of Inglewood got such a good response, I decided to do a follow up. The problem of mainstream media reporting inaccuracies in black and brown communities is not limited to Inglewood. It is a long standing and widespread practice that must be changed. recently released a report card grading the 4 major news outlets in the coverage of New York City black communities. It wasn’t good. The report, “NOT TO BE TRUSTED: Dangerous Levels of Inaccuracy in TV Crime Reporting in NYC,” gave WNYW/FOX5 a “B.” “WNBC and WCBS each…

Excuse Me While I Brag

Written by Thursday, March 26, 2015
All of us fantasize sometimes about what we would do if the world were our oyster. And some people in Inglewood have given me far too much credit for the positive things that have happened here. At Tuesday’s council meeting, for example, Inglewood Today was attacked for reporting positive news about the city. But who could have imagined even a year ago that Inglewood would be in the position it is in today? Last year around this time, the Forum had just reopened, ground had just been broken on the Hollywood Park Tomorrow site. Things were starting to look up.…
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