COURTNEY BEACH Pandemic leads young entrepreneur to Beach Blvd.

Courtney Beach, owner of Beach Blvd. Designs.

For years, 31- year old Carson native Courtney Beach has been trying to figure out what he wanted to do with is life.

Beach, who starred at Rolling Hills Prep in basketball, toiled in obscure semi-pro leagues before deciding to give the sports of boxing a shot.

After two years of honing his jab and right cross, he came to grips that starting a pugilistic career is much more difficult than he thought.

He was in his mid 20’s, a prime time for life discoveries, but late to make a splash in a sport where many of its permanent young stars hail from decorated amateur backgrounds.

So, he then returned to his first love of basketball and began coaching at a local charter school while deciding to take a job in parks and recreation.

It wasn’t until America and the world was hit with a global pandemic that would alter lives, as we knew it that, Beach decided to launch an apparel line.

“I always had a passion for being creative,” he explained to Inglewood Today.

“I felt the appeal to custom apparel was a good fit because it allowed for my creative juices to flow. After all I was on lockdown from the coronavirus so I had plenty of time to explore.”

“When it first hit, I had a lot of down time cause I was laid off work,” he added.

That down time appears to be paying dividends for Beach now.

His release of hoodies and sweatshirts has inspired him to seek a trademark for Beach Blvd.

Beach Blvd. is a trendy hoodie, sweat shirt and T-shirt line.

Beach Blvd Designs is a custom apparel company at first glance, but the dream is to build it into much more.

Many of his clients are realtors, but he has also been doing robust business for Black Lives Matter.

“It started as a dream a few years ago but when things got turbulent from the pandemic earlier this year, I took advantage of the situation and started my dream business.”

Ultimately, Beach envisions a career in industrial design, automotive, footwear or products.

He earned his Associates degree at Grays Harbor in the Pacific Northwest in Washington and is aiming to continue his education.

Who would have thought that the pandemic, which has been a nightmare, would spurn a new avenue of economic growth that trends on Beach Blvd. For more information contact Courtney Beach at  (310) 513-3809.


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