Dina Kadbolla Is Fashion

Dina Kabdolla (@snvps - photographer)

By Michelle Lyons, IT Contributor

Celebrity Fashion Designer Dina Kabdolla @ayabydk is at it again as she prepares to launch her new collection. Kabdolla is originally from Kazakhstan. She has dreamt of becoming a designer since she was 11 years old. Kabdolla moved from Kazakhstan to the UK at 15-years-old and then to the US for college at 18 years old.

Kabdolla attended FIDM in downtown Los Angeles. She launched her fashion line Aya_by_dk at 24-years-old. Although, she was just in Europe for 3 years, her clothing line is inspired by British trends. “Aya_by_dk produces everyday contemporary apparel, which are custom made knits with silk blends,” says Kabdolla.

Kabdolla’s clothes have been seen on celebrities; such as, Christina Milan, Mya, Dani Leigh, Bebe Rexha, City Girls Young Mimi and more.

This summer, Kabdolla will be launching her new line. “I am excited to launch my first new line since the pandemic. The faces of my new line will be Olympic champions Mikele Barber and Me’Lisa Barber,” said Kabdolla. Kabdolla hopes to do her photoshoot at The Sofi Stadium in Inglewood this Summer. 

This summer, Kabdolla is celebrating 5 years in business, and will launch a brand-new jewelry line along with her new collection. “My new website and my new line will come out this summer along with my first ever jewelry line inspired by my daughter Ayala. 2022 is all about BIG ENERGY” said Kabdolla. Aya_by_dk designs can be purchased on her website at www.ayabydk.com


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