Inglewood’s LA Lounge Steals Show in Vegas Owner Aaron Moore named Ambassador


LAS VEGAS–8:48 PMhe Sin City is anxious to break through the COVID-19 pandemic and can’t wait to fully reopen, but the week of April 19 through April 25 at Sugar Daddy’s Cigar Week gave a reminder of just how fun Las Vegas is.

Six days of events featured Black longue owners from other parts of the country, but the one who stood tallest was Inglewood’s own LA Longue owner Aaron Moore who was selected as an ambassador for the event.

Although minorities are a huge chunk of the cigar revenue stream, they are a fraction of the profit. Many of the brands from as far as Cuba and other countries gobble up the manufacturing of cigars.

However, what was revealed during Sugar Daddy’s week was Black entrepreneurs who are beginning to V-cut into the growing and manufacturing process as well.

Moore was honored for pushing the envelope and making sure that Blacks have a seat at every table that reflects the bottom line of the industry.

“I appreciate that Sugar Daddy’s have started the conversation and now it is my responsibility to take it to the next level by inviting like-minded entrepreneurs in the industry to Inglewood for an event that would bring economic opportunities to our community and neighborhoods,” said Moore.

More than 50 members of the private longue located on 5th Ave. and Manchester made the trip to Las Vegas to salute Moore and support other Black lounge owners such as Sugar Daddy’s that attended the event.

People came from Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta and Arkansas for the event that included live bands, pool parties, fashion exhibits and social networking.

“People are missing the point if they think this just a bunch of people smoking cigars. Yes we do smoke cigars, but more importantly we are a group of people who want to transform the communities around us, inspire the next generation of business women and men, while also contributing to our youth in ways that will provide them with an opportunity to succeed in life. If we don’t achieve that then we have failed at the most significant element. Cigars are just the vehicle for which we become connected,” Moore concluded.


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