Inglewood’s LA Lounge Wows Vegas Again

TOP SHELF---From left, LA Lounge member Tony Wafford joins owners Larry Solomon, Aaron Moore and Bradly Rush at the Meet & Greet at the Sarah Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on April 21. (Kenneth Miller/Photo)

The LA Lounge located in Inglewood continued elevating its brand and reputation as one of the most prominent cigar clubs in America with their second consecutive bash in Las Vegas from April 21-24.

With a membership base that exceeds 200 and outreach that reaches into the thousands, LA Lounge brought a sizable contingent to Las Vegas at the Sarah Hotel & Casino, the Flamingo Hotel & Casino and other properties that contributed to the post COVID resurgence in the Sin City.

The Meet & Greet Affair at the Alexander Room at Sarah was overflow with people and bellows of smoke as newly minted general manager Tamika Ellis demonstrated her expansive event planning ability.

“We gave her the dream and she brought it to reality,” said owner Aaron Moore.

Moore was also proud of the unity the club has established among the Black community.

“When you go to a Mexican restaurant you expect that experience and here at LA Lounge people come here because they want a Black experience,” Moore added.

Throughout the weekend in Vegas, LA Lounge either hosted their own events such as their pool party to which the weather was not kind as rain subsided to the winds and overcast but it did not prevent yet another successful gathering.

Then there was the LA Lounge collaboration effort with other cigar establishments that led to highlighting the White Party and Spring Fling at the Linq Hotel & Casino.

“This is our second year and it is growing by leaps and bounds,” boasted Moore.

Or as partner Bradly Rush pointed out; “We started at the bottom and now we’re here!”


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