LA Lounge in Inglewood reaching new heights Cigar club embraces social responsibility


Four friends, Deno Duplessis, Aaron Moore, Brad Rush and Larry Solomon were just looking for a place where they could smoke cigars while engaging in introspective conversation.

Moore had the perfect resolution to their dilemma. Let’s just transform one of my office buildings into a cigar lounge.

Because each of the men represent much more than being avid cigar smokers, collectively they insisted on being socially responsible.

“There are so many ways that we can impact the great City of Inglewood,” Duplessis said.  “The mayor (James Butts, Jr.) has already stepped up to the plate to make this city among the most attractive in the nation, so we thought if we were going to have a cigar lounge it had to represent his great vision. Hence we have the best top echelon cigar lounge in the region.”

The LA Lounge first opened its doors five years ago and made added improvements each and every year and can now accommodate 300 people, includes an outdoor seating and eating section and the exquisite indoor amenities that are surely to be most desirable.

However, while this membership only club is also a great location for private meetings and promotional gatherings, the four men who are partners in the venture have made time and committed resources to also feed homeless, distribute mask during the ongoing coronavirus crisis and looking to do more.

The LA Lounge is located at 2521 W. Manchester in Inglewood. For more information call (424) 261-0209


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