Snoop Dogg Wins The Grudge Match

By Michelle Lyons

By Michelle Lyons, IT Columnist

Who could have guessed the fight of the century would be an exhibition fight against two middle-aged retired boxers.

On Saturday, November 28, 2020 Mike Tyson aka Iron Mike returned to the boxing ring after retiring 15 years ago. However, this time he was not just a boxer; he was also the promoter and the sponsor. Boxing against Roy Jones Jr. who retired 2 years prior.

Mike Tyson last fought in 2005 when he was defeated by Irishman Kevin McBride. The humiliating fight lead to the retirement of “Iron Mike”. Roy Jones Jr. retired in 2018 after defeating Scott Sigmon. Never having fought Mike Tyson in his career.

This fight was legendary because two of the greatest names in boxing were returning to the ring to box each other for the first time. However, the next day, Long Beach native Snoop Dogg was trending all over social media.

Snoop Dogg has commentated many sporting events in the past, but it was his commentary during this epic night that has fans demanding the NBA hire him as a regular color commentator.

Snoop has a distinguished style where he can make virtually anything hysterically funny.  Thus, he did not disappoint.  His funniest moments were when he was commentating the undercard fight between Nate Robinson, former NBA player and YouTube Influencer, Jake Paul. Robinson was Knocked out in the 2nd round.

“Oh My God. Lawd Have Mercy,” said Snoop, and then Snoop began to sing spirituals as Nate Robinson was knocked out cold..

Tyson and Jones were great to watch, but they were not as entertaining as the knockout in the undercard match. Jake Paul felt more like Tyson than Tyson. In the 1990’s you could blink and miss a Tyson knockout. Tyson’s style in the 90’s coined him The Baddest Man on The Planet.

Although, the Tyson verse Jones main event was not as suspenseful as the undercard, Snoop commentating added great value to the entertainment.

“This reminds me of my uncles fighting at the barbeque,” said Snoop referencing the start of the Tyson Jones fight.

The fight lasted 8 rounds ending in a draw, which is the perfect set up for the sequel grudge match.

Similar to Tyson, Snoop wore multiple hats on Saturday night. He commentated, performed and was the hype man all throughout.  Hopefully, Snoop will commentate again in February when Floyd Mayweather fights Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul.


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