By Michelle Lyons

By Michelle Lyons, Columnist

On Saturday, September 26th, 2020 our lives may change forever. Literally, moments after Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the 9th SCOTUS and deciding vote, died, President Trump announced he would replace her with a conservative woman. The front-runners are Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa, who are both against abortion and have other conservative ideologies.

The black community is more conservative than liberal so we are more focused on Black Lives Matter than this issue at the present, but this issue is Life Changing.  If you are a black conservative know that making abortions illegal without a plan for education and responsibility will create an even higher poverty rate in the black community, especially in this WAP era.

Secondly, Trump has stated that he is against gay marriage being a federal law. He believes the issue should be up to The State. Which does not sound like a bad idea for a conservative or a liberal person, but the next three things are frightening. The Republicans have not renewed The Voting Rights Act of 1965.  What happens if these women do not believe black people should have the right to vote? Trump recently gave a speech on Eugenics in Minnesota, what if the SCOTUS does not believe in interracial dating? And lastly, Trump has been known to give a lot of money to HBCU’s, what if these women do not believe in desegregation? This may sound far-fetched, but this is what can potentially happen. Making America Great Again can begin us back into the 50’s instead of into The Future. And the worst part is that whether Trump is elected or not this person will be a SCOTUS for life.


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