The Serving Spoon
Employee Honoree


For the past 18-years, The Serving Spoon is where Ericka Solomon has grown up and learned some of her most significant instruments in life.

Ericka is an Inglewood native, having been born and raised in the City of Champions, all of her formative education was taught by Inglewood Unified School District schools.

She went away from Inglewood to attend St. Bernard High School in Playa del Rey and went on to earn a degree in Behavior Social Science at California State University Northridge.

Ericka also holds a Masters Degree in nursing, a field she ultimately aspires to be working in.

However, having dined at The Serving Spoon for years with her family, the Urban Eatery has since become her foundation from where she learned many of the values that shape who she is.

“Being here has opened me up to the world and taught me how to relate more with people on a business and professional level and it has also helped me grow,” she said.

Ericka says that The Serving Spoon is responsible for her customer service skills that can benefit her in nursing and also more basic albeit essential characteristics such as etiquette.

“When I dine out I know the proper ways to sit, the proper ways to order and most importantly to pay attention to detail.”

Ericka Solomon is yet another primary example of The Serving Spoon being much more than a restaurant and a place of employment. The Serving Spoon is where life lessons are taught and learned that benefits those who work there far beyond the iconic landmark eatery.


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