In this month’s issue of WellNEWS, we share some suggestions and activities on ways to rejuvenate while staying safe. We hope you enjoy this edition.


We thank you for all you do and hope you enjoy this month’s WellNEWS!

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Soak in the Fresh Air  

With more hours of the day filled with sunlight, we can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful outdoors for a longer amount of time. Whether you prefer the beach, the mountains or our local parks, there are so many places to visit.

Our beautiful local beaches are a great way to soak in the sun, enjoy the ocean breezes and are open and free to the public. Please visit the following websites for some of the top-rated beaches in our area.

Hiking helps to ease stress and boost mental wellbeing. Hiking trails are also open to the public at this time and don’t have costs to enter the trails. Here are articles with suggestions to amazing hiking trails close to or around our community.

There are over 180 breathtaking Los Angeles County parks that can be enjoyed year round. Whether you want to enjoy a park in your local neighborhood or want to venture to another community to change up the scenery, please visit the L.A. County Parks and Recreation website here to find an L.A. County park.


Increasing Your Productivity 

Do you find yourself sitting in your chair all day in front of your computer in class or in meetings? If so, you may find that you experience little to no movement. Without commutes to get us walking, or the ability to stroll down school or office hallways, it’s easier to spend all day in one chair without moving around.

This week, we have four exercises you can do to boost your productivity! The routine begins with simple neck stretches then moves to shoulders, arms, back, and hamstrings. No equipment is needed and these exercises can be done as you sit at your desk!


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