Inglewood Public Library mobile app hopes to attract younger adults


The Inglewood Public Library has launched their mobile app, ‘Inglewood Library To Go’ where residents can access audiobooks, movies, music, tutorials, and more. Even magazines will be available to read through the app on a mobile device. And for those who still value a hard copy book, they can be placed on hold for pick-up at the library through the mobile app.

The convenience of having nearly an entire public library’s content at the palm of your hand for free of charge is likely to strike the interest of the Millennial and Gen Z demographic. During the 2020 pandemic, reading habits amongst Millennials actually increased, and the public libraries throughout the country that offered digital content during these times did in fact see utilization of the service from their community.

But aside from digital content and pandemic-behavior, nationally, public library building usage has been in steep decline over eight years up to 2018, according to the Freckle Report 2021 by public library analyst Tim Coates.

The common question, however, is how to keep public library building usage a factor of interest to younger adults, especially as more and more public libraries begin to offer digital content. Many agree that a public library building– not just its digital services– is still a vital asset to every community, and always will be.


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