Inglewood voters approve Measure H, and reject Measure I


In the recent November 2 local election, Inglewood voters weighed in on two Yes-No questions: Measure H and Measure I. While Measure H passed with a Yes from the large majority of voters, Measure I was rejected in a much slimmer margin.

Measure H, which passed on a 62% Yes from voters, will increase the transient occupancy tax– which those staying in hotels pay– from 14% to 15.5%. According to the city of Inglewood, a 15.5 percent hotel tax rate is already in effect in neighboring cities such as Santa Monica, Culver City, and Los Angeles; and will generate an additional $730,000 annually towards Inglewood essential city services.

Measure I, which was rejected by the voters in a close call of 51% No, would have increased the tax on sales of real estate to 4.5% on transactions valued over $1.1 million. There had been some community apprehension toward Measure I leading up to the election, as many residents had expressed their disapproval of the Measure at Mayor Butts’ community meetings, where he encouraged residents to vote Yes.


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