‘Inglewood Wrapping Arms Around the Community’ opens resource center


Two years ago, ‘Inglewood Wrapping Arms Around the Community’, also known as ‘IWATC’, began with the sole purpose of providing resources to the people of the community, says the organization’s Co-Founder Reginald Laudermill, and that purpose remains.

“If we don’t have the services, we have partners that do. We have about three different nonprofit organizations that we work with that cater to different needs,” says Laudermill.

The organization’s resource center, which recently held its grand opening ceremony, is near Manchester Boulevard and Prairie Avenue and will provide re-entry services for formerly incarcerated people, counseling services, homeless referral assistance, help with job searching and resume building, youth services, and more.

IWATC has set out to help those who have been marginalized by poverty, homelessness, addiction, trauma, criminality, and incarceration. Co-Founders Reginald Laudermill and Iran Johnson are hoping to inspire positive change and breathe new life into the community.  Opening the doors to a physical resource center will combat inequalities, alleviate suffering, and reconnect families.


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