Inglewood’s ‘La Create Space’ is connecting Black creators


Located in downtown Inglewood, ‘La Create Space’, a membership-based community work space, is where production and tech industry professionals– along with other creatives– can find inspiration and an outlet for networking.

Terrell and Marisa Johnson, both San Jose State graduates and co-founders of La Create Space, have been navigating the tech industry for years.

Mr. Johnson currently works for Facebook as a Video Infrastructure and Collaboration Engineer. He also has experience in the engineering departments of Snapchat, Cisco Systems, and Applied Materials.

Mrs. Johnson has also worked for powerhouse brands such as Apple, Beats by Dre, UFC, BET, the Sacramento Kings, and more– implementing digital strategy and sponsorship integrations, helping companies to broaden their reach to consumers. 

Three years ago, the Johnson’s opened La Create Space with the goal of bringing like-minded creatives together in South Los Angeles. They had spent years working in the tech capital of Northern California, and when relocating to Los Angeles, they jumped at the opportunity to plant a creative space in their new community.

“We wanted to have a space that represented a lot of the creatives we know that work in the tech space. We feel that we also deserve spaces like this within our community,” says Marisa Johnson.

Amenities offered at La Create Space include studios for photography, film production, and podcasting. Also, live event production space, conference rooms, private offices, and a lounging area.


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