Memorial Day with ‘U.S. VETS – Inglewood’


By Brea Mitchell, Staff Writer

In 1993, The Inglewood U.S. VETS site opened with only five clients. Today, the location holds over 600 beds for transitional and permanent housing for U.S. veterans and their families. But housing is just a small part of the many services that the U.S. VETS site provides.

This Memorial Day, as we all honor and commemorate the heroes who serve our country, The U.S. VETS Inglewood site will host a ceremony on-campus for their residents, as well as honoring two who recently passed away this year. A plaque with the names of the two fallen heroes will also be revealed at the campus Memorial Day ceremony.

From housing, counseling, case management, life skills groups, and career services, the objective at the U.S. VETS site is to uplift, guide, and assist veterans in any way possible, cultivating the life of fulfillment and comfort that they deserve.

At the on-site career center, residents have access to a computer lab, along with a conference space that is used to hold mock interviews. The career services department not only connects veterans to potential employers, but they also help to prepare them for the interview opportunities that arise. 

Mental health services are also readily available on site. Residents have access to individual and group counseling, PTSD treatment, substance abuse treatment, along with inner conflict counseling. Another component of mental health is physical fitness, which why the on-campus gym is a resident-favorite. Communications Manager Axel Diaz is looking forward to implementing more group fitness classes as pandemic restrictions continue to lift.

The cafeteria has an industrial kitchen that serves three meals per day– breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The in-house chef is also a veteran who has spent many years operating the kitchen. It is common that the veterans within the program make the transition to on-campus employees.

U.S.VETS now has 31 residential sites and services centers across the country and new housing projects in development. It will continue to be a place that our country’s heroes can count on to champion them and serve them, every day of the year. This Friday, May 28th, will mark the 28th anniversary of U.S.VETS Inglewood. 

Preventing veteran homelessness, and maintaining and improving mental health is the driving force behind the U.S. VETS site, and these will continue to be the priorities. As we honor our country’s heroes this Memorial Day, and every other day, it is important that our communities have the necessary programs in place to show just how treasured our veterans are. 


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