Parent Elementary scores with Jared Goff backpacks

GOFF TOUCHDOWN Rams cheerleaders take part in the special day at Frank D. Parent Elementary School on Sept. 8 where 135 students’ grades first through third received backpacks and books donated by Rams star quarterback Jared Goff. Also shown here are two young students receiving their backpacks. (Kenneth Miller/Photo)

Rams quarterback impacts kids through education

Inglewood Unified District Schools are still confined to remote learning as a result of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, but that still did not prevent Rams start quarterback from unveiling the Goff Scholastic Book Program at Frank D. Parent Elementary School on Sept. 8.

Teachers, parents and students who were brought to receive backpacks and books delivered by Goff joined Parent Elementary School Principal Margaret Nayfield.

“We are honored and excited to give away backpacks. Jared Goff has donated backpacks and books to given to our first through third grade students at Parent, and I am just so honored and excited that he was thinking about us,” Nayfield explained to Inglewood Today.

In an effort to help level the educational playing field for Inglewood youth, Goff is providing Scholastic book packs to 1,000 Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) students. IUSD students (grades 1st-3rd) will receive a “grab and go” Reading Take Home Pack for their personal libraries and instructional practice. Each take home pack will consist of books, reading and writing activities, as well as a family resource guide to help parents support and encourage their child’s reading interests and opportunities.

The reading supplies are packaged in customized JG16 backpacks and distributed to Inglewood Unified students.

The take home packs will also include a letter from Goff that encourages the students to discover the excitement and adventures that reading can provide.

Parent Elementary School is among of six Inglewood Unified elementary schools will receive the book packs.

This is one of the few occasions where contributions made by the Rams, Chargers or any of their existing partners that directly benefitted the students.

Inglewood Unified School District remains under the control of the State of California and any financial donations made to the district will likely go towards paying off the substantial debt the district is straddled with.

Nayfield says she is “absolutely” excited that the donations went directly to the kids.

“That’s the best thing (direct donations to the students) because we want to make sure that our students have access to all of these resources and are feeling so special, especially during these times. I think right now with distant learning and not being in the school, but we still want to make sure that our students are experiencing as much learning as they can.”

More than 135 students were treated with the Jared Goff backpacks.


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