The Lyon Queen


By Michelle Lyons, Columnist

My Name is Michelle Lyons also known as The Lyon Queen. I am writing this column weekly to illustrate, inspire and define Black Girl Magic. What is Black Girl Magic? Carlos Santana sang that it is more powerful than Gamma Rays. Literally,  the energy in our bodies is the divine holy spirit that makes all things possible. Black Girl Magic is Magic but it’s not sorcery. Sorcery is casting spells presumed to be demonic; on the contrary, Black Girl Magic is the ability to break spells; Break generational curses that have plagued the black community for 400 years. Today, we are our ancestors wildest dreams. They had both physical and psychological limitations, our limitations are in our mind or by the people we choose to align with.

Everyday I am encouraged by my sisters who I see awakening the Queen within. From Gymnastics to Politics to Singing and more, we are dominating proving that with God all things are possible.  In my own life, I can testify The Glory of God. I have gone from being raised on Crenshaw and Adams to attending UC Berkeley at 16 years old to living in four international countries (Italy, Brazil, Barbados and London) to starting up my own Modeling School just outside of Beverly Hills at 34 years old. I have co-produced and sponsored over 40 fashion shows across this country and in Europe. I have mentored and trained thousands of young girls and young women on 5 different continents, and my greatest joy, outside of motherhood, has been redefining beauty and empowering women.  That is Black Girl Magic.

My next chapter is going into Politics. God is calling me to Go Bigger. To Much Is Given Much Is Required, and I want to show The World “If I can do it so can you”.  God has only blessed me so that I can bless others. I will discuss my trials and tribulations in my next column because my life has not been easy, but it’s in my darkest hour that I saw the light. When society empowers women, women find their crowns and when women find  their crowns they align with their Kings, and together they have princes (and princesses). This cycle, not only breaks generational curses, but it uplifts our community, which ultimately uplifts The Nation, which uplifts The World! The World is waiting on us to Return To The Throne – We Are Magic!


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