Fiesta Martin Restaurant Great Food and Service Despite COVID 19 Restrictions


As restaurants throughout the City of Inglewood and indeed the region have suffered major losses and been unable to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic do to climbing costs and revenue loss, they have shut their doors with uncertain futures. As a result of the city-wide shut down issued March 15, 2020, a lot of mom and pop restaurants permanently closed, and many chains like McDonalds and Starbucks have decided to completely surrender hundreds of their operating restaurants altogether.

While restaurants are permanently closing every day, Fiesta Martin, located in the heart of Inglewood at 64th and Labrea, refused to be one of those restaurants that let the blow-back from slow business, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, be a reason to close.

While the city has opened and closed again, Fiesta Martin has been offering great food and service the whole time. The family-owned and operated business felt it was their responsibility to remain open so their employees could continue to feed their families and to keep satisfying loyal customers.  Initially, cooks and Janitors turned into drivers so they could remain employed, as Fiesta Martin offered free local delivery citywide during the first stages of the shut down. However, they did have to lay a few people off.  It was extremely important for them to show leadership and to be a pillar of hope for people in the community by remaining open.

They have implemented more affordable specials to make sure the support of the community is reciprocated.

Fiesta Martin owners and staff have done a tremendous job so far, and the minute the City of Inglewood and the State of California said outdoor dining would be allowed, it was a no brainer for them as they had always planned to bring all of  their employees back to work, which they now have been able to do. They have completely transformed their parking area into an outdoor, tented dining area that allows for social distancing and business couldn’t be better.

“As long as everyone knows their role and continues to play their strengths, Fiesta will continue to thrive and be open for the duration of the pandemic! The most challenging part is not adapting, but managing the pivots and being able to execute for the sake of employees and customers safety, while following guidelines,” said owner, Christian Martin. In addition to also owning the Fiesta Marin on Florence and La Brea and the Juice Bar next door, both of which have remained open during the entire pandemic, they are opening another location across the street from city hall, next door to Hilltop Café in December; no matter if the pandemic is over or not.


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