“No Buts About it,” COVID-19 Podcast; Features Mayor Butts, Snoop Dogg


The weekly city council meeting began promptly and there were a few public comments that were unrelated to this week’s agenda. Citizens are invited to participate in the weekly meetings either by calling in or by remote broadcast from the community room. However, individuals must adhere to the council’s long-standing policy and practice of allowing public comments on agenda items only before the council members consider the agenda items. Individuals may speak for one minute, after the agenda items have been considered on any matter that is not on the agenda and pertains to the City of Inglewood.

The council approved an agreement with Curtis Rosenthal, Inc., for appraisal services related to Agreement No. 20-155 (ENA) and a five-year agreement with Sirsi Corporation, d.b.a. SirsiDynix, to purchase and implement an integrated library software system

The council approved an agreement with Bateman Community Living LLC dba TRIO Community Meals, to provide food services for the Elderly Nutrition Program (ENP) with payment derived from Grant Funds.

The council approved agreements with the State of California for acceptance of the Fiscal Year 2021 Office of Traffic Safety grant funds in the total amount of $254,500 and accepted and approved the recommendations of the Chief of Police pertaining to the expenditure of Fiscal Year 2020 Justice Assistance Grant Funds.

The council awarded and approved an agreement with Stephen Doreck Equipment Rentals, Inc., for the Water Main Replacement on 80th, Brett, and Hillsdale Streets Project.

The council authorized the payment of invoices submitted by Keyser Marston Associates, Inc., for the economic analysis of the proposed affordable housing development located at 716-730 W. Beach Ave, Inglewood.

The council adopted a resolution approving the First Amendment to the Disposition and Development Agreement by and among the City of Inglewood, Inglewood Housing Authority, as housing successor to the former Inglewood Redevelopment Agency, and Beach Avenue Housing, LP, a California limited partnership providing for certain changes to that certain Disposition and Development Agreement dated March 4, 2020 relating to common open space, parking, unit size and manager’s unit bedroom designation with respect to the development of a 42-unit affordable housing rental project located at 716 through 730 West Beach Avenue, Inglewood, California.

The council authorized the payment of invoices submitted by AECOM Technical Services, Inc., for design support services on the Century Boulevard Mobility Improvement Project.

Member Dotson announced his annual document shredding event that will be conducted on August 12th.

Members Padilla, Franklin and Morales thanked the City of Inglewood staff for the work that they perform on a regular basis to support the citizens of Inglewood. Recognizing that individually and collectively the council members are very demanding and require the best from city workers, each acknowledged that, especially during these trying times, they are doing a great job.

Mayor Butts echoed the council members’ remarks and indicated that if the prevailing complaint, referring to earlier public comments, is that the city has provided cash payments to needy Inglewood residents, the city has come a long way. He lauded the outstanding work of the community-oriented Public Works staff and gave special mention to the work performed by Mr. Atwater, who he described as a dedicated and magnificent employee. Before closing the weekly meeting Mayor Butts announced that he was joined by Snoop Dogg to present a down-to-earth podcast related to COVID-19 that delves into the community impact of the worldwide pandemic. He encouraged the citizens of Inglewood to be on the lookout for the broadcast of the podcast that is entitled “NO BUTS ABOUT IT!’


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