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By Willie Brown, Executive Publisher

On Friday April 7, I attended a City Council Meeting at Inglewood City Hall for the first time in a long while.

Having been investing in this City and community for over 30 years I care a great deal about what happens when our chosen elected officials sit at that dais with their nameplates in front of them and vote on items that impact the lives of our residents.

For far too many years the members of this prestigious body did not always represent or make decisions that was in the best interest of its constituents.

The last general election was a red letter day for our city and the officials that represent us. An incumbent member of this body was not reelected and a longtime resident and community ally was chosen to take that seat on the coveted dais.

A seasoned and respected independent voice, not beholden to anyone except the citizens of the district that elected her.

Therefore, when Gloria Gray raised her hand and took that hallowed oath to become the first Black woman to represent District 1, I had to be there to witness it.

Not just because I endorsed her election and she is a personal friend of mine, but more importantly because she has pledged to do what is in the best interest of the city and the people of this community.

Candidates will often say anything to get elected for office, and then operate contrary to the wishes of the people who vote for them.

That is not to who Gloria Gray is, and Councilmember Gray has vowed to be true to her word which will be good for our community.

As a businessman in this city and advocate for our minority owned business, our children and our seniors I was excited on April 7th when Gloria Gray took the oath, and now that she is in, we all should continue to support her as our new public servant.

It is also nice to see how refreshing it was that our mayor and other members welcomed her to the City Council with open arms.

I look forward to seeing this transformation of leadership.

I also look forward to the city defining its purpose to the many residents who have lived here through the bad times.

I’ve witnessed it all from up close and with much anticipation I want to see our city grow by with inclusion and not exclusion.

Let’s work together for a better and brighter Inglewood.


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