1st District Residents, Business Owners and Voters
Want to View Debate Between Dotson and Gray


By Willie Brown, Publisher

1st District Residents, business owners and voters want to view a debate between incumbent Councilmember George Dotson and formidable opponent Gloria Gray. Inglewood Today has received numerous calls expressing a desire to hear directly from the two candidates who are fading off in a run-off election since neither candidate received fifty-one percent of the votes in the election in November.

It has been widely speculated that Dotson, who has had difficulty expressing himself coherently in city council meetings, is facing declining health issues, is no longer interested in managing and executing the rigorous day-to-day responsibilities associated with the challenges in Inglewood’s first district, and that he has reached an age when he would much rather spend his time with his family and enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

Furthermore, it has been expressed that Dotson is being forced to remain interested in serving the first district residents until after he is able to secure a victory. And, should he be able to convince the voters that he is anxious to fulfill a four-year term, he will opt out of the position after a few short months allowing the mayor and his subservient city council to appoint someone who is independent.

Gloria Gray is independent and will make decisions that are in the best interest of first district residents and will not bow to the will of a domineering mayor.

There are numerous issues and challenges facing Inglewood over the next four years and the position of each independent council member will certainly shape the face and image of the City of Inglewood going forward. From the sports and entertainment complex development, traffic management and parking issues, to trash collection, crime and homelessness, to name only a few, the City of Inglewood needs independent council leadership now more than ever before. And 1st District Residents, business owners and voters want to hear directly from Dotson and and formidable opponent, Gloria Gray.  

Please join me in encouraging Dotson to step away from the cover and protection the mayor continues to provide for Dotson who, reportedly, has not repaid the mayor for thousands of dollars in campaign loan funds, and demand that Dotson agree to a public debate with Gloria Gray so that the voters can decide who will represent them for the next four years.


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