Accolades for 5K Run Walk, SB 206 and LA Philharmonic Concert Dominate City Council Comments


Francis Taylor

Mayor Butts opened the weekly city council meeting with a resolution acknowledging the city’s commitment to California Clean Cities Day. A representative from the Coalition for Clean Air, whose primary purpose is to ensure that people understand what actions individuals may take to mitigate climate change and improve air quality, thanked the City and the elected leadership for their commitment to environmental issues.

Mayor Butts commended Senator Bradford for authoring SB 206, the measure recently signed by Governor Newsom that allows collegiate athletes to monetize their name, image and likeness. Senator Bradford explained that the measure also provides the additional benefit of establishing an incentive for athletes to stay in school. He noted that three percent of undergraduates are African American while they represent 60 percent of collegiate athletes. He pointed out that fewer than five percent of college athletes enter professional leagues. SB 206 is likely to increase the graduation rate for collegiate athletes and upends the previous rule that prohibited male and female collegiate athletes from receiving any compensation.

The council approved Amendment One to Agreement No. 19-155 with Nossaman, LLP increasing the contract amount by an additional not-to-exceed amount of $300,000 for payment of legal services.

The council adopted a resolution ratifying the appointments of Glenn Mitchell, Jarmene DeArmas, Jeremy Diaz, and Susan Senior to the South Bay Workforce Investment Board.

The council awarded a contract and approved an agreement with Aldridge Electric, Inc., for the ITS Phase IV-B Project, per Bid No. CB-19-13; an agreement with Housing Rights Center (HRC) to provide fair housing counseling and housing discrimination services for Fiscal Year 2019-2020; and an agreement with Juan Martin Correa dba M-Co Electric, to perform various electrical services throughout Parking Garage No. 2.

The council introduced an ordinance amending Inglewood Municipal Code Chapter 3 (Motor Vehicles and Traffic) Article 4 (Parking Meter Regulations) Section 3-92(e) (Parking Meter Rates) to allow the City to collect or pass through convenience fees charged by third parties to process electronic payments to the person who chooses to make an electronic payment for a metered parking space.

During the public comments, citizens congratulated Senator Bradford for SB 206; acknowledged a well-attended and successful Human Trafficking event and a performance by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at Morningside High School, and acknowledged a successful 5K Run Walk Event.

Member Dotson thanked everyone who contributed to a successful Run Walk Event, with special recognition to the Parks and Recreation Department and the community for their support.

Member Padilla applauded the Run Walk Event and reminded electric vehicle owners to visit the new charging station.

Member Franklin congratulated his colleague for the Run Walk Event and thanked D-4 residents for supporting the town hall meeting.

Member Morales thanked Senator Bradford for SB 206 and Member Dotson for a successful Run Walk Event.

Mayor Butts said he was inspired by the very successful Run Walk Event as well as the LA Phil concert at Morningside High School. He closed by saying that history is being made in Inglewood every day.


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