Ahhsum helps mothers keep their mind and body fit


What started out nine years ago as an interest to serve as a personal trainer has since blossomed into a flourishing fitness boutique that is attracting individuals from near and far.

The big difference now is the stunning Ahmber Azali-Reed has to balance the growing fitness business with also being an adoring mother of an infant child.

Ahmber Azali-Reed

Reed formed Ahhsum Mind & Body Fitness in 2014, and continued to transform people’s bodies and perceptions of themselves through one-on-one personal training.

“I host group workouts, I teach various kinds of workout classes and organize and lead training for team fitness events such as mud runs and obstacle courses,” she explained.

“Soon after Ahhsum Mind & Body was founded, I became invested in doing my part to relay positive body images and messages to the world and I started a brand and boutique Ahhsum Body Active wear. It’s been exciting to have sponsored a number of athletes, instructors and dancers who have worn my apparel in major events and have been positive role models in the fitness community.”

Individuals who wear Ahhsum Body Active wear resonate personally and provide motivation and inspiration.

“To wear it and own that self image of Ahsumness increases confidence and awareness of our inherent beauty & capabilities. The spelling comes from the pronunciation of my name…Ahmber. Hence the Ahh in Ahhsum,” she added.

Reed is also a licensed practitioner of science of mind. “My focus is physical & mental health.  This is what makes Ahhsum Mind & Body Fitness the go to place to uncover & reveal the best you ever in terms of a healthy mindset, healthy body and healthy self-image. I guide clients into revealing who and what we are at the core, healthy, strong & vibrant.”

Reed focuses on aligning “how we look, feel & think with positivity & self confidence.”

“The difference between me and other fitness professionals is through my personal training, I coach clients in terms of their physical and mental health with science of mind backing my coaching. I exemplify and demand positivity. All things are possible through attitude. I leave no room for self doubt and I create a climate for positive energy for my clients until they come to the same realization.”

At Ahhsum Body, they build and reinforce physical and mental health in terms of lifestyle fitness, nutrition & well being. They support all clients in building conviction, confidence and habits of leading a proactive, healthy life through these aspects of personal training, fitness events, Active wear as well as empowerment coaching.

“I do Pop Up shops for my boutique and enjoy styling my clients in person. My online store carries unique, one of a kind leggings sets, rompers & outfits that take your style of fitness to the next level. All apparel is functional and fashionable made with the best material and stretch for all body types. It’s geared for all workouts like at the gym, yoga practices and any high impact workout.”

A soon to be released book and motivational workout album is also forthcoming. Stay tuned for a series about staying in shape and being a fit mom.

Shop: Www.Ahhsumbody.club

Workout: Www.Ahhsumbody.com

Instagram: @Ahhsumbody



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