City Council Approves Emergency Ordinance Authorizing Outdoor Restaurant Dining


Before the public comments were heard at this week’s city council meeting, the council approved Mayor Butts’ emergency ordinance allowing Inglewood Restaurants to establish outdoor dining areas that comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

A number of public hearings were conducted to consider an ordinance amending Inglewood Municipal Code Chapters 8 and 12, including Zoning Code Amendment 2018-01 (ZCZ2018-01) to establish short term rental regulations and short term renal fees; to consider assessment levies for the Morningside Park Maintenance Assessment District No. 1974-2;  to consider assessment levies for the In-Town Maintenance Assessment District No. 1975-1; to consider assessment levies for the Inglewood Street Lighting Assessment District No. 1980-1; and to consider assessment levies for the Darby-Dixon Maintenance Assessment District No. 1987-1. These matters were approved by the city council.

The council approved two purchase orders for various computer maintenance, supplies, software and hardware and a one-year (with the option to extend three (3) additional one-year periods, and six (6) month-to-month extensions) cooperative agreement (piggy-back) with Ocean Blue Environmental Services, Incorporated (Ocean Blue), for on-call and scheduled City-wide hazardous waste removal services.

The council approved a three-year professional services agreement with A+ Traffic Management, Inc., for Traffic Management and Control Services.

The council approved Amendment No. 3 to Agreement No. 18-134 to reflect the addition of the contractor’s legal business name as California Recycle Team, Incorporated, doing business as (dba) Electronic Waste Solutions (EWS).

The council approved Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 19-224 with UrbanTrans Consultants, Inc., extending the term of the agreement by one year to aid with development, operation and management of the Transportation Demand Management Pilot Program. (LAMP Funds)

The council approved Amendment No. 2 to Agreement No. 20-020 with Kane, Ballmer & Berkman (“Special Counsel”) to provide legal services to the City, Successor Agency, Housing Authority and Parking Authority.

The council adopted four (4) ordinances (introduced at the public hearing held on July 21, 2020) associated with the Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Center (IBEC) Project, that includes an arena intended to promote the enjoyment and recreation of the public by providing access to the City’s residents in the form of spectator sports, specifically basketball, with up to 18,000 fixed seats to host National Basketball Association games, and with up to 500 additional temporary seats for other events such as family shows, concerts, corporate and community events, and other sporting events; an up to 85,000-square foot team practice and athletic training facility; up to 71,000 square feet of LA Clippers office space; an up to 25,000-square foot sports medicine clinic; up to 63,000 square feet of ancillary and related arena uses including retail and dining; an outdoor plaza adjacent to the arena; parking facilities; relocation of a City of Inglewood groundwater well; and various circulation, infrastructure and other ancillary uses (the Project). The Project will also include a limited-service hotel.

Before adjourning the meeting Mayor Butts thanked members of the city council for their dedicated work on behalf of the Inglewood residents and business owners during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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