Elected Officials, Community Leaders
Embrace First District Candidate Gloria Gray


By Willie Brown, Publisher

The opinion of elected officials, community leaders and others is important to political candidates aspiring for elected office and when they embrace a candidate, it may influence voters who do not have first-hand knowledge of the candidate. Their support or endorsement signals to voters that the candidate is capable of delivering exceptional service to their constituents.

In addition to Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, the former California Governor Gray Davis, former Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn, who were photographed with Gloria Gray; Leonard Redway and Cindy Giordina, former Inglewood City Council candidates, community leaders you know and trust, endorse Gloria Gray for Inglewood City Council District 1, in the important runoff election on Tuesday, March 7th. They are urging voters to vote for Gray now through election day.

In last week’s INGLEWOOD TODAY it was reported that several Inglewood voters expressed a desire to view a debate between Gray and George Dotson. It is highly unlikely that Dotson would agree to a public debate where his inability to effectively communicate would be on full display. It appears as though Dotson is using a surrogate to manage his campaign and to fashion his written responses.

Citizens who have observed city council meetings have seen the mayor step in to ‘bail out’ Dotson and answer questions that were directed to him.

Many believe that Dotson is being held in ‘protective custody.’

Dotson will not debate Gray for fear of exposing his shortcomings and ineffectiveness and showcasing for 1st District voters that he is not capable of properly representing his constituents.

I urge 1st District voters to join the elected officials and community leaders you know and trust to support Gloria Gray and vote for her in the runoff election on Tuesday, March 7th.


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