Former Inglewood Today Staffer Makes History Dr. Cesar Morales becomes Ventura County Superintendent

Dr. Cesar Morales

One of the first reporters hired by Inglewood Today and the brother of Inglewood City Councilman Eloy Morales, Dr. Cesar Morales has been chosen as the first Latino or person of color as Ventura County Superintendent of Schools.

“I could not be any more prouder of Cesar on this historical announcement. He was one of the first reporters of Inglewood Today and was instrumental in our growth. He has always been extremely smart and I knew back then he would be doing something outstanding down the road. We are honored that he gave us a shot first,” said Inglewood Today Owner and President Willie Brown.

His brother elated and applauded his brother’s accomplishment.

“Cesar has always been intelligent and driven,” Councilman Morales said. “It was be easy to look at him and not see the many obstacles he has overcome, but I want the youth in Inglewood to know that he became successful through hard work and never giving up.”

It’s Ventura County history.

For the first time since the Ventura County Superintendent of Schools post was created more than 150 years ago, the job is held by a Latino, and a person of color.

Dr. Cesar Morales is an American success story. His parents immigrated from Mexico to Southern California. His father became a civil rights leader in Southern California.

Morales earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Loyola, and a doctorate from UCLA. He started as a middle and high school teacher, and served as an administrator in two Southern California schools districts. That led him to Oxnard, where he was Superintendent of the Oxnard School District for six years.

Morales joined the Ventura County Office of Education in 2019. When longtime Superintendent Stan Mantooth retired, Morales was named acting Superintendent. Following a nationwide search, the Ventura County Board of Education appointed him to the post.

Morales admits stepping into the post is the middle of a pandemic has been challenging, but he’s been thrilled about the opportunity to make a difference.

The Superintendent’s office has tried to help Ventura County’s 20 school districts deal with moving to remote learning. And, it’s worked with state and Ventura County officials in developing local versions of safety guidelines for school reopening’s.

Morales is optimistic that schools will be able to get back to largely normal operations this fall. He says if health conditions continue to improve, he doesn’t see any reason that with precautions we can’t return to in-person five day a week instruction.

Morales says he hopes help show Latino kids that anything is possible if they reach for it, and that someone that looks like them can hold a position of importance.

“I am proud of my  brother and know that he takes Inglewood wherever he goes,” concluded Councilman Morales.


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