Inglewood scores big with candidate winners


By Mayor James T. Butts Jr., Exclusive for Inglewood Today

Inglewood is fortunate to have someone of the experience and decisiveness of Senator Holly Mitchell as our next County Supervisor for our district. 

With the reelection of Assemblywomen Sydney Kamlager-Dove and Autumn Burke along with Senator Steve Bradford, Inglewood will continue to receive the support we need as we transform into a worldwide destination city. 

Furthermore the reelection of Eloy Morales will allow the City to continue tap the decision making and institutional knowledge of the longest serving Councilman in the history of Inglewood.

We also welcome our newest Councilwoman for District 4, Dionne Faulk to the leadership and policy team of Inglewood.  She will be only the 2nd elected Councilwoman in the history of Inglewood. 

Finally, the City Clerk’s office will be in good hands with the election of Aisha Thompson who was elected with over 70% of the vote.  Her long-term service as the Deputy City Clerk will allow a smooth transition from the leadership of City Clerk Yvonne Horton who will be sorely missed.


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