Jarah Besou Shay is the African beauty godess


By Michelle Lyons, IT Contributor

Jarah Besou Shay, is the owner of The Guud Seed Company, an online business that specializes in African shea butters, head wraps, waist beads, yoni steams, herbal mixtures, black castor oil and other women’s health products.  Jarah is a native of Compton, CA. In 2000, she traveled to Senegal, Africa for what she described as a life changing moment.

In 2000, upon returning to America, Jarah felt liberated and decided to dedicate her life to women’s health and empowerment. In Senegal, she learned about yoni steams and proper ways for women to take care of their womb. “A heathy womb leads to vitality”, she says.  Jarah only uses natural products and believes our bodies (both men and women) are temples and should be treated accordingly.  She believes a woman’s womb is connected to the divine feminine energy because it is what holds, creates and brings life into the World.

During the pandemic, her business has been thriving. “It’s because the pandemic is causing people to be healthier and more spiritual”, she says. “People are taking better care of their bodies during this time, anything that can help them fight off the coronavirus”.  Her yoni steams have been in high demand because its cleansing and eliminates toxins, and her shea butters are thicker than lotion so it protects the skin more. It is no wonder her company is called “The Guud Seed” because the uu stands for universally unlimited. Her products are the epitome of black girl magic and universal love.  To get your magic go to http://www.theguudseedcompany.com or call 951-790-2690


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