Local family aims to grow beauty store


Bernadette Prado, 32, is one of four children born to Penny Miller and also one of the three girl siblings who are inspired to make it big in the billion-dollar beauty sector.

According to statistics revealed in 2017, the beauty services sector employs over 670,000 people nationwide and jobs growth was estimated at 13 percent. In just 2017 alone the industry was pulling in $532.43 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach a market value of $805.61 billion by 2023.

Bernadette Prado

So when Bernadette founded SBS Beauty Parlor (SlAy BEE SlAy) about eight months ago she was in the right business to reach her dream of someday purchasing a house for her mother.

A graduate of Morningside High School, Crozier and Highland, she is an Inglewood native through and through.

The second oldest of the siblings, Kesha is the oldest at 33, then there is Magen at 30 and brother Jeddy at 28.

Each of the girls plays a prominent role in SBS, a beauty parlor specializes in eyelashes.

“We grew up difficult not have most things that we wanted, but our family is close, loving and caring,” Bernadette told Inglewood Today.

However, with 700 Instagram followers and growing she is proving that believing and hard work pay dividends.

She holds a bachelor degree from California State University Dominguez Hills, but her focus is on SBS.

“We are huge believers in Christ and we know that we can absolutely achieve anything.”

SBS motto is “where we are more than products” has a mission is to empower and give back to the community, which speaks to their prices that are “catered to our community with 100% quality!” 

 SBS offers authentic vegan lashes and lip-gloss, which can be shipped 3-5 business days.  Also Classic Eyelash Extensions and Beauty Parlor rentals to artists seeking a private suite.

Their three signature Lash Collections: Ambitious, Confident, Visionary, are specifically designed to uplift and manifest a positive slay experience for your day.

 SBS welcomes any talented artist for example; Lash artist, hair braiders, and barbers, massage therapist, etc. to join the team.

For more information contact: 213-537-3088

Instagram: @sbsbeautyparlor

Email: sbsbeautyparlor@gmail.com


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