One on One with Aisha L.Thompson

Aisha L. Thompson City Clerk of Inglewood (third from left)

By Anuoluwapo Bamiro, Contributing Writer

Hello Ms. Thompson, my name is Anuoluwapo, and my first question is how does it feel to be hosting the 2nd annual Women’s Summit and how important are events like this for the women of Inglewood and beyond to attend?

It feels amazing. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to join with our Council Woman Dionne Faulk. It just brings awareness to our women; it shows unity and it just makes me feel so good to be able to have an avenue for all of the women here within the city of Inglewood, especially because I represent the entire city of Inglewood as the elected city clerk. And to see our women being able to get empowered, get the information, get the knowledge, I am extremely thankful, and I am looking forward to next year. 

Yes, the event was lovely, so I am excited for next year as well and what you ladies come up with.

Thank you, Thank you.

My pleasure. My second question for you today is what inspired you to become the city clerk for Inglewood?

Oh my gosh, no I’m kidding. What inspired me? I’m going to take it. I was in high school. I was in the 11th grade. And Congresswoman Maxine Waters had just been elected to Congress. When I saw that it inspired me, one that she was an African American Woman, and I said I wanna [sic] get into government and I wanna [sic] change things. I attended college and was a part of their Associated Body, and then got hired on with the California State Assembly Jerome E. Horton. He took a chance on me and mentored me for six years, while being in the California State Assembly. And then, I worked with Yvonne Horton, worked with her, yet again, a woman. She stayed here in the city clerk’s office, for fifteen and a half years. I was learning all about Inglewood government and our residents. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I was elated. I was excited; I said it’s my time. So, when the opportunity knocked, I took it and without a heartbeat, I went and ran the race during the Covid time.


And now, I’m the city elected clerk as of 2020. 

Yes, congratulations! 

So, that’s what drove me to it, seeing Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Being mentored by Assemblymen Jerome E. Horton. And also working for the city of Inglewood and serving our residents under the leadership of Yvonne Horton. Yes. 

Beautiful, beautiful. So, my third question for you is what are your hopes and dreams for the city in the future?

My hopes for the city, well, they are actually coming alive. I mean look at our city. Inglewood is thriving. We have the most beautiful stadium here in California. I wanna [sic] say within the world because the stadium is beautiful, so fire, absolutely gorgeous. We have the forum that is back up and running; they are thriving. We have the Intuit Dome that is being built, and I know that it’s gonna [sic] be a beautiful monument. So, my thing is just to continue to thrive. I’m looking forward to the city going even higher; we are already at the next level. I’m looking for it to go even higher. I know new businesses will be coming in and new developments are in the plan. So, I’m just here for it, and I’m excited to see all of the great things that are coming and just continue to thrive. 

Right, it’s a beautiful new city. 

Yes, it is, absolutely! 

My fourth question for you is how important are women in the development of the city of Inglewood? 

Women are very important within the development of Inglewood. I don’t know if a lot of people know but there are more executive women now, here in the city of Inglewood than there have been in over 20-30 years. We have women that are in key positions making the discussion. I know our Economic and Community Development Manager is a woman. Our Parks and Recreation Director, she’s a woman. The lady that is over our residential sound istolation, she’s a woman. There’s a woman that runs our finance department; we have a woman as the city clerk. We have a councilwoman in district 1, a councilwoman in district 4. So women are very important. We are making key decisions and helping to move this city forward. So, very important that we have that. 

Beautiful. Now, I have my last question for you. My question is how do you respond to this generation of newly Inglewood adults who feel priced out and feel as though they can’t afford to live in the city they were born and raised in?

You know, it hurts me when I do hear people saying they are being forced out or kicked out, and that Inglewood isn’t serving the residents that have been here. I wanna [sic] be honest with you, if I can. 

Yes ma’am.  

I believe when the council made the decision to bring in the new developments and the new housing elements and things like that. You know they took into consideration low income, they took into consideration affordable housing and so my thing is. Is that sometimes our people we fail due to a lack of knowledge. 


I feel like if our Inglewood people who were here prior to the new developments feel like they are being kicked out, you know, if they could come down and knock on the doors at our housing department and get a better understanding. They may find out that they do qualify for the new home developments. They could receive low-income or affordable housing. They would fall under that, the city also opened up a lottery so that people could put their names in it to be blessed with one of these new apartment units. I know my colleagues thought about everyone who lives here today when making these decisions, and they also thought about making sure our city is gonna [sic] thrive. But those that are here and they feel like they were left out or overlooked, I just encourage them to come to the city, sit down with your council person, come to the city, meet with our housing director and try to get an answer to your question because you just might qualify for our new developments. I just think our people need to come and see the good we have done. We have multiple new housing projects. So, meet with your council person, come to the city and talk to us.

Thank you so much. 

Thank you Anuoluwapo.


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