Rep. Waters prioritize local press at Biden Child Tax Credit event

SPEAKER IN THE HOUSE---Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined powerful Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Inglewood) at the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center on Aug. 12 in South Central Los Angeles to promote the Biden Child Tax Credit that was began in July. (Kenneth Miller/ Photo)

Speaker Pelosi joined the congresswoman for watershed moment

Congresswoman Maxine Waters did something that has never happened during my more than four decades of covering events.

On a day when the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives made a rare appearance in the South Central Los Angeles, with a massive gathering of network television stations on hand, Waters offered local and minority newspapers and radio stations the first opportunity to ask questions of the two powerful federal legislators.

It is quite rare when two members of the House of Representatives are joined for a public event, but to have The Speaker of the House and the top Democrat representative together was beyond exceptional.

That was the case recently on Aug. 12 when Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined Congresswoman Maxine Waters in South Central Los Angeles to explain the significance of the Child Tax Credit at the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center.

Waters, who serves at the top as powerful House Committee on Financial Services is responsible for bring The Speaker, the first woman to hold such prestigious post to the region.

Flanked by two families, one Hispanic and one Black, Waters told massive media gathering at the Ethel Bradley Early Education center on the campus of the impact of the legislation.

“There is no doubt that the expanded Child Tax Credit will impact our communities and help put an end to child poverty in this country,” said Congresswoman Maxine Waters. “I’m delighted that Speaker Pelosi has joined to help spread the word about what I believe to be one of the most significant public policies for children and families in the history of our country.”

She stated that “These two centers play a critical role in fostering the growth and development of our community here in South Los Angeles from adolescence to adulthood through a strong commitment to the educational advancement and workforce development of our learners. I am thankful to the Speaker for her leadership on behalf of our children and I’m thrilled to demonstrate to her the amazing work being done here in CA-43 to ensure our children and families are supported.”

It did not take long for families to redeem the benefits of the credit.

“Nearly one month ago, families began receiving their checks from the Biden Child Tax Credit that Democrats secured in the Rescue Plan, benefitting more than 90 percent of California children and cutting child poverty in half,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “As we advance our Build Back Better Agenda, Democrats will continue to fight to extend these tax cuts, as well as secure more vital benefits for working families, so that we get parents earning and children learning. In this fight for our families and our children, we are grateful to have the leadership of Chairwoman Maxine Waters, a force of nature who has made a difference for millions in Los Angeles and America.”

The Child Tax Credit provides children and their families with additional payments throughout the year that helps them with the costs of food, childcare, diapers, healthcare, clothing, and taxes. Low-income, working, and middle-class families are receiving the same monthly payments: $250 per month per child between the ages of 6 and 17, and $300 per month for every young child under the age of 6. Monthly payments began on July 15, 2021 and will continue through the end of the year.

Impact of the Child Tax Credit in California’s 43rd Congressional District:

Eighty-six point six percent of children in Waters district will gain from expanded and improved Child Tax Credit, this amount to approximately 162,000 children.

The average benefit for 47,600 households is $3,100.

The expanded and improved Child Tax Credit lifts 18,300 children in CA-43 out of poverty.

Because of the larger benefit for the youngest, 6,700 kids under the age of six are raised out of poverty. Families with children in poverty will receive $4,300 on average.

Click here to access Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ Child Tax Credit flyer (available in English and Spanish).

Eligibility Information:

Single filers making below $75,000, head of household filers making below $112,500, and married joint filers making below $150,000 are eligible for the full amount.

If a couple makes under $24,800, a head of household makes under $18,650, or a single filer makes under $12,400, and they have not filed their taxes, there is a simple, easy tool to sign up for the Child Tax Credit at and click on the sign-up link. All you’ll need to apply are a reliable mailing address, an e-mail address, Social Security numbers for your children, and Social Security Numbers (or ITIN) for you and your spouse. If you provide bank account information, you can receive your payment safely and securely by direct deposit.


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