Snoop Dogg teams with city for free Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway


“Happy Thanksgiving everybody from the city of Inglewood,” Inglewood Mayor James Butts said.

“Eat up!,” Snoop Dogg said.

Every year around this time, the city of Inglewood and Snoop Dogg team up to do a free turkey giveaway.

“I’m thankful to be able to have a relationship with the mayor and be able to come out here and do great things in the community and to put my impact on people that really need me,” Snoop said.

This massive turkey giveaway brought out long lines of people.

“This is my second year coming with my kids,” Inglewood resident Martha Silva said. “It’s an awesome thing that they started implementing and we’re very grateful.”

They’re not only giving out turkeys here. People waiting in line could get corn dogs, veggies, cake, mac n’ cheese, essentially a whole Thanksgiving dinner.

“We want people to live their lives, happy here in the city of Inglewood,” Butts said. “And we’re so glad to have people like Snoop Dogg give his time, give his money so that people have a great Thanksgiving.”

“The importance of this is that you’ve got the city of Inglewood, you’ve got the mayor, the people, the officials giving back to the city,” Snoop said. “Making sure everybody has a nice Thanksgiving and to really be a part of lives and to give some inspiration and to be able to come out here and inspire people to give him something to be smiling about for Thanksgiving.”


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