Assembly member Rendon Host SELA Arts Festival


South Gate— Assembly member Anthony Rendon is excited to invite you the 3rd Annual SELA Arts Festival on August 1st  from 4-8pm. This year, we’re hosting the same festival in a virtual venue. Local artists are bringing the fun and creativity from past festivals to your home through social media platforms.

The Festival features online performances from musicians, DJs, poets and dancers, including Mother Rose and the Latinas Art Foundation. Viewers can also support local businesses by shopping with our vendors and view amazing artwork in our virtual gallery.

“Art has always been a way of expressing what is going on in people’s lives, whether that is love or hard times. Despite the new coronavirus, it’s important that we don’t abandon the SELA Arts Festival and the opportunity it provides for people to connect with our local culture and each other,” Assembly member Anthony Rendon.

In 2019, nearly 10,000 people from across the LA area attended the SELA Arts Festival to celebrate local art, culture, and the river that connects us all. This year, we’re connecting virtually to present some of the best that SELA has to offer.

This community showcase will highlight the stories and experiences of people in Southeast LA. With exhibitions and interactive activities, the SELA Arts Festival is an event for the whole family. Join us for the 3rd Annual SELA Arts Festival.

3rd Annual SELA Arts Festival

Saturday, August 1, 2020



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