Despite losing record Anthony Lynn deserves to stay


By Tamara Latta, IT Reporter

Now in his fourth season as Los Angeles Chargers head coach, Anthony Lynn is reportedly on the hot seat because the Chargers losing record.  

Though, the Chargers are 3-7- Lynn made it crystal clear at beginning of November that he was not making any adjustments to the current roster. In fact, the only changes he’s interested in making is turning losses into wins.

“Right now- these men are very excited. We are 1-0 at the end of this week; right now, we are on the Buffalo,” Lynn said at the time.

Lynn is 1-2 since making that statement after the Chargers defeated the New York Jets 34-28 Sunday Nov. 22 at SoFi Stadium. Regardless of the victory against the Jets, fans still appear to be dissatisfied with Lynn’s style of play.

Let’s be realistic. Lynn doesn’t have a full deck to shuffle, therefore we can’t plant all of the Chargers losing woes on him. In all fairness, Lynn has tried to make it work with a depleted roster, rookie quarterback and new offensive coordinator.

But that isn’t stopping fans from lobbying Lynn’ exit from the team.

Regardless of the team shortage and disadvantages – fans continue to express how they feel towards Lynn’s coaching staff via social media. Some fans believe Lynn should be relieved of his duties as head coach before the season is over.

Those fans must be clueless to what Lynn’s head coaching skills are and what he has done for The Bolts the past couple of season. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Lynn kicked the season off 2017 with a rough start going 0-4 before finishing the season 9-7. The Chargers narrowly missed the playoffs because of a tiebreaker.

In 2018, Lynn led the team to its first playoff appearance since 2013 finishing the season with a 12-4 record in just his second season at the helm. That same year, Lynn was selected Coach of the Year by the Los Angeles Sports Council.

The 2019 season was filled with highlights. Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen each went to their third-straight Pro Bowl while Joey Bosa made his second appearance in three seasons. All of those accomplishments were under Lynn’s leadership.

Now that we have pulled up some fact checking on Lynn’s coaching abilities, his job security should be more secure than unsecure.

I don’t think Lynn deserves to get fired this season, let’s just put that out in the universe. However, he does have to get back to his winning ways or he could very much be without a job next year.  

At the end of the day- the Chargers are a well-coached football team. That has shown they can play winning football despite injuries. Three of their losses have been to Tom Brady, the Saints and the defending champs Kansas City, all games the Chargers led and lost in the closing stages of the game..

With that said, the vast majority still wants Lynn gone, but he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so sit back and enjoy the ride.  


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