Essential or Non-Essential is the Question Businesses struggle with the distinction


As the COVID19 pandemic regulations shifts into another phase with more businesses allowed to open their doors for business, many will still be shut out and among those are beauty supply stores.

However, there has been one such business, Sol Beauty in Inglewood that has managed to make itself essential during the most critical stages of the economy, possibly saving its business while many other minority businesses will be shuttered for good.

Sol Beauty specializes in products such as hair, wigs, clippers, natural oils, organic soaps and since COVID19 facemasks.

That’s right, facemasks! Try to find a business that doesn’t offer face masks among their many other products and they are probably closed for business.

How Sol beauty thrust itself into the essential business conversation was they had obtained facemasks during the height of the pandemic when even our frontline medial professionals could not obtain them.

Briana Foster discovered Sol Beauty on NBC News, shortly after Inglewood Today published a story about them selling masks.

Her daughter works in the medial profession and is considered one of our frontline sheroes. However because of the limited supply of facemasks at hospitals, her daughter was vulnerable to COVID19.

Foster made her way to Sol Beauty in Inglewood where she was able to purchase a mask for her daughter, thus allowing for her daughter to continue to save lives, including her own.

“I was able to purchase a mask because I saw it on the news,” she explained to Inglewood Today. “And I also bought another mask for another nurse that did not have one.”

She continued: “It would be devastating if Sol Beauty is not able to stay open. This is what really saved the nurses lives.”

Sol Beauty has managed to remain open, but as stages of reopening the state has begun, Los Angeles County has ramped up its investigations into business that it deems non-essential and the supply store could be a target.

Recently Public Health Department evaluated over 400 businesses and only 25 percent were practicing the social distancing guidelines, according to a report.

Sol Beauty goes beyond the guidelines in practicing social distancing and wearing the mandated facial covering.

Meanwhile, in New York, 80 percent of the people cited for not following social distancing guidelines were African Americans and Latinos.

There are a number of beauty supply stores doing business in Inglewood, but among the fraternity Sol Beauty is the newest and African American owned.


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