Mayor Butts weighs in on future of Warren Lane Local elementary school recommended for closure

Supporters of Warren Lane Elementary School voice their displeasure with the prospect the school will be closed. (Photo/Francis Taylor for Inglewood Today)

Warren Lane Elementary School located on 79th Street in the City of Inglewood that will turn 40 years old on July 1 and has been a signature school of the Inglewood Unified School District  (IUSD) is now the focus of closure.

The IUSD and State Administrators recently voted to close down, but earlier this week more than 20 supporters brought their fight to the doorsteps of Inglewood City Hall to prevent such an event.

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts, Jr. listened intently to the Morningside Park area residents who gathered on the South Lawn of City Hall to demonstrate their support of Warren Lane.

Dr. Stephany Glover, vice principal of Century Academy For Excellence is joined by her sister Dr. Lisa Edwards, principal of Century Academy For Excellence at Inglewood City Hall in protesting the closure of Warren Lane Elementary School.

“I gave them instructions regarding accessing the School Board and County Administrator to make their concerns known,” the Mayor told Inglewood Today.

Butts also stated that he supports the City Council in developing the best outcomes for the children of IUSD.

Meanwhile, local educator and Principal at Century Academy For Excellence (CAFÉ) charter school in Inglewood Dr. Lisa Edwards voiced her displeasure with the prospect that Warren Lane would be shuttered.

“Upon learning about the closure of Warren Lane being closed down, my first though was yet again another icon, another community beacon of Black excellence is now being removed,” Edwards explained.

She said that Warren Lane has been a staple in the community and CAFÉ was a feeder school that accepted many of its students, but CAFÉ is also on the brink of closure.

“It’s really heartbreaking,” Edwards added.

Edwards was vice principal at Inglewood High School before becoming the executive director and principal of CAFE.

Her sister Dr. Stephany Glover, the vice principal at CAFÉ, joined her at city hall in protesting the closure.

 “First and foremost it would directly impact our enrollment. We are constantly accepting applications from neighboring schools, thus it would make it difficult for us to keep our doors open,” Glover added.

Warren Lane has just 215 students according to the latest records, and like the other schools in the district is under the authority of the state. The district has been plagued with fiscal responsibility and has been consistently drowning in debt and marred in delinquent management.


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