Son of Snapple avails himself to small business owners


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NEW YORK, NY:  Retail small business owner Bob Golden, son of the creators of the Snapple empire, is available to discuss May’s economic rebound for retail in the wake of reopenings throughout the nation.  According to statistics, national retail sales rebounded 17.7% in May as retailers reopened after coronavirus lockdowns shuttered small and large businesses across the country.  Golden’s new product, Treo Organic Fruit + Birch Water reaped the benefits of May’s retail spike adding nearly 4,500 new accounts nationwide and anticipates to have 11,000 new accounts by July as the American economy re-emerges from COVID-19 shutdowns.  Golden is available to discuss how the rebound is impacting small businesses’ bottom lines after unprecedented restrictions sidelines retailers and businesses during the pandemic.

NYT: Retail Sales Rebounded in May After April’s Record Drop

Bob Golden is an entrepreneur and is the son of the inventor of world-famous Snapple tea products.  Golden started the new product, Treo, in 2019 after seeing the demand for healthy alternatives to sugary and unhealthy beverages that cause adverse health effects. Treo is now available across the United States in thousands of food stores, delis, cafes, and retail groceries.

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