What’s Up with Anuolu


By Anuoluwapo Bamiro, Columnist

Hi my name is Anuoluwapo Bamiro. Many people call me Nikkie and others call me Anuolu. And I would like to welcome you to What’s Up Anuolu where you’ll get everything from music, fashion, what’s affecting me and my peers, what I love, and what I think is dope. Interviews with talented artists, creatives, business folks, actors, actresses, and many more. There is so much beauty and talent to be shared and I can’t wait to introduce you guys to it. I want to give you the readers a little back story on why I will be writing about these topics and what to expect from this column.

I feel blessed to have the insight that I do on these topics. I am a Westchester alum, and everybody used to label us the “fashion school” due to the brands, style, and way we threw our outfits together to go to class. It was always cool to see the different ways we incorporated our school colors in the choice of Jordan’s, Nikes, and Ralph Lauren polo. Add being a Nigerian in the mix, I have been blessed to see making your outfits from scratch, picking your fabric being able to create your own style. It was amazing to see and put together.

When it comes to my love for music, I accredit that to growing up and watching music videos on VH1, MTV, MTV 2, and Eccentric. It gave me a wide variety of music to listen to and videos from people who have way different experiences than me as well as artists whom I could resonate with. Listening to everything from Hip-Hop, and R&B, to Rock, alternative, to country, and everything in between. It gave me a unique ear and allowed me to appreciate the musical art that artists put out. Add Afrobeats, Afrobeat, High life, Reggae, Soca, and UK music in the mix. My love for music kept increasing by the decade.

Being an Inglewood native, I have seen the city turn from a place that people knew nothing about to being on the map again. It has shown me that nobody can write your story or decide your fate but you. The beauty of watching my city become a hub for music, art, fashion, and black culture is that I have always seen the beauty in my home. I have always appreciated the closeness to the beach, the closeness to the airport. The one and only Daniel Freeman Hospital (where HawthoRNe was shot at, with Jada Pickett-Smith). SO being able to write every week and share what I love and what is on my mind with you guys is a dream come true.

So, I can’t wait to bring you guys my opinions on the latest fashions, music, and interview dope artist, creatives, and pacemakers of the city but in our culture period. Being a part of this culture on this side of California is a blessing. I got to witness so many people get their brands, music, and businesses off the ground. Not many people know the true work and the number of years it takes to get your ideas off the ground. Like myself, these people didn’t give up on themselves or their dreams despite what the outside noise consisted of. I am truly excited to embark on this journey with you guys. Talk to some amazing people, get their stories, and share them with you all.

The first entry in the column was so you the readers can understand me a little bit, understand why I am writing about what I am, what I am passionate about, and things that inspire me every day.  I feel blessed to be able to have so many different aspects that give me my unique point of view as well as taste. I can’t wait for you guys to read the magic that I have planned and hope that you guys are just excited as me. Thank you so much for reading my column. Have a blessed week and stay blessed.


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