Why Are Black Men Voting For Trump?

By Michelle Lyons

By Michelle Lyons, IT Columnist

From Ice Cube to Kanye West to most recently 50 Cent, Black men are voting for Donald Trump in larger numbers and can possibly be the difference in this election. Even Chelsea Handler has something to say about it.

What most people do not know is that Black Americans are in large part conservative. Despite what the media displays, Black voters are on the right end of the democratic spectrum. Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren failed to connect with the average Black voter because of their leftist ideologies.

With that said, currently Donald Trump is holding on to 20 percent of the Black vote, in large part Black Men. Some are asking why? Donald Trump has been the only President to successfully sign a bill on prison reform; therefore, Black men are showing loyalty with their vote.

Just last week 50 Cent posted “I don’t want to be 20 cents” because New York will be taxed by 62% percent under Joe Biden’s tax plan.  Chelsea Handler, 50 Cent’s ex girlfriend responded, “I will pay your taxes in exchange for you coming to your senses.”

Chelsea Handler has been very anti-Trump since his inauguration. Black men like 50 Cent who earn more than $400,000 per year, in addition to supporting President Trump because of prison reform, they are also supporting Trump because of his tax cuts. Under Joe Biden’s plan, he only intends to raise taxes on individuals who earn more than $400,000 per year.

Kanye West recently parted ways with supporting Trump since he is now also running for President, but appears as a vice president on the ballot.  In his recent interview on Joe Rogan Podcast, he briefly explained he had been supporting Trump because his personal religious beliefs. Kanye is anti-abortion. He said, “1,000 black children are aborted every day. Black America is in the middle of a genocide”.

Kanye is anti-abortion and anti-abortion culture, meaning Hollywood and the porn industry he believes play a part in the culture of abortion. Kanye went on to also say he supported Trump because he is in favor of prayer being put back in school.

Kanye said, “When you remove prayer from school you replace The Fear Of God with the fear of everything else. But when you instill The Fear Of God, you eliminate the fear of everything else.” Kanye believes that stress is the number one killer in America and it is in large part due to removing prayer from school.

Kanye’s last point was he is in favor of removing slavery from being taught in school. This was shocking. President Trump made the entire Black community upset when he said he wanted to change the curriculum to Patriotic education. Many Black people were concerned that he meant he wanted to glorify slave traders and have them take credit for contributions made to society for slaves.

Kanye elaborated and said the problem with teaching slavery is that it brainwashes Black people into believing [we] are inferior. He stated that the very nature of teaching slavery he believes is to keep Black America oppressed.  “Systemic Racism” which ironically is something President Trump denies.

I spoke to a Black retired Army General Eddie Hightower, “I personally do not have a huge problem with removing slavery as long as European colonizers are not getting credit for slave contributions, and if we replace slave history with African History that way Black Americans can learn about Kings and Queens that resemble them.”

Eddie Hightower is loyal to the Republican Party, “Donald Trump has given more money to the military than any modern President.  I am always going to support the President that supports the military and that’s mostly Republican Presidents”.

Hightower believes that socialism will ruin America, “I am a proud Black conservative. Socialism will change America into California. High taxes and create more economic disparity by ruining the family structure. The problem with America is no one believes in God anymore, and we idolize Thug Culture. When we make it cool to be lawyers and doctors again, and everyone fears God then America will be The Greatest Nation Ever.”

Candace Owens a Republican correspondent started a company called Blexit and wrote a book called, “Black Out: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from The Democrat Plantation.” She believes that the media, which is controlled in large part by Democrats, hurts Black America more than anything else. She believes The Party that will uplift Black America is The Republican Party because she says,  “Black America needs to return to its conservative roots”.


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