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Tia Johnson’s Road to Walking Again

By Michelle Lyons, Special to Inglewood Today

In 2016, Tia Johnson the daughter of Carolyn Johnson was injured while working at a paid internship in Seattle, Washington. Her job was working with at risk youth. One day, during a routine kid restraint, the kid broke loose from the restraint and kicked Tia in the back of the head near her medulla. Two weeks after the incident Tia had vision problems, headaches, and she was throwing up.

Eventually, Tia could not breathe, and she was placed on a respirator. The doctor recommended she get an angiogram because her health was fading rapidly. The angiogram went through the groin and up to the brain. The angiogram showed that Tia had injured a part of her brain that controls her motor skills.

Prior to her injury, Tia was a basketball player with honors at Whittier College. Presently, she is in a Power wheelchair. She receives physical therapy at least five times a week and home care 24/7.  She is unable to walk and do most things by herself, but her family is optimistic.

“Doctors have not ruled out her ability to walk again. We just need to get to a better physical therapist that specializes in this type of injury. Unfortunately, better physical therapy is not fully covered by insurance,” said Carolyn Johnson.

Carolyn Johnson is hoping to raise money to get her daughter into San Diego’s Rehab facility called NUERO PT. They are located a few blocks from Miramar military base. NUERO PT specializes in physical therapy that can help Tia walk again and regain other motor skills, returning to her normal self. To donate to Tia Johnson’s Road to walking again go to her Gofund me.


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