With over 6000 Homeless Individuals on Skid Row, CFH is Bringing Hope with Healing & Housing



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Changing the Faces of Homelessness (CFH) is excited to announce their 2nd Annual Breakthrough Event on August 28th at St. Julian Park located at 312 East 5th St., Los Angeles, from 12pm-4pm. Their new 360 Turnaround Housing program will allow CFH staff to accept applicants with no income and house them for 90 days at no charge. The mission is to change the faces of homelessness by providing services that move clients from a life of dependency into a new life of self-sufficiency with independence. 

Founded by Katrina Williams, the event will honor late actor Gary Hays, known for The ‘Burbs, Busted and Evil Laugh. Hays most recently appeared as himself in Corey Feldman’s documentary My Truth…The Rape of Two Coreys. He spoke candidly about his friendships with both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, as well as his own struggles with addiction, which he sadly succumbed to in 2019. Corey Feldman will honor Hays at the event and there will also be a live musical performance.

Feldman states “Katrina is the most sincerely compassionate and selfless person I have ever come into contact with in the Social Services work force. The dedication and personal touch she puts into everything she does gives me hope for the Millions of Homeless people in our Country, knowing that there are still people out there like Katrina who willingly do Gods work to help those who can no longer themselves, while refusing to give up as long as they are still breathing.”

Katrina Williams worked closely with Hays during her employment with Volunteers of America. Following Gary’s death, she was shocked and saddened to learn that there was no type of long-term housing offering supportive services for individuals suffering from addiction and coming directly from rehab. Taking matters into her own hands, she developed a permanent housing program with supportive services called Changing the Faces of Homelessness. They help their residents by providing resources and tools to help them overcome their addictions and take ownership of their lives. 

Williams states “When I developed the program, I wanted to ensure our program would empower others by bringing life changing results. Gary may have lost his battle, but his death was not in vain. We continue to house the homeless while providing employment resources and ongoing life skills to help our residents reach their full potential daily.” 

For more information about the Breakthrough event August 28th on Skid Row (312 East 5th St., Los Angeles) and for donations, please visit https://www.cfh20201.org/


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