Accolades for City Treasurer Wanda Brown’s Community Workshop: Getting Your House in Financial Order


Francis Taylor, Asst. Publisher

While the city council members promptly discharged this week’s business, summarized below, the council member’s public comments piled accolades on City Treasurer Wanda Brown’s community workshop on Saturday. The free, four-hour workshop provided a comprehensive overview of a wide range of money management and finance-related issues, presented by experts.

The city attorney denied about a dozen claims made against the City of Inglewood claiming personal injury and property damage, setting the stage for legal remedies.

The council approved the purchase of one Elderly Nutrition Delivery Vehicle from Wonderies Ford using the terms, conditions, and pricing in National Auto Fleet Group Contract No. 120716.

The council adopted a resolution to rename Capital Improvement Program “(“P690”) Prairie Avenue Synchronization Project” to “(“P690”) Signal Synchronization & Timing Program, and amending the Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Capital Improvement Program Budget by $624,000 for the Signal Synchronization & Timing Program for a total of $670,000 and approved two one-year agreements for professional on-call water system services.

The council approved multiple amendments with approved contractors to complete residential sound insulation work on a total of 357 units,

The council approved the form of the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee Lease Rider Agreement template form as revised April 16, 2019 (hereinafter the “Inglewood Approved Rider”) to affix to and amend the Ground Lease between the City of Inglewood (“City”) and PATH Inglewood Pacific Associates (“Developer”), attached, in connection with the implementation of the Amended and Restated Disposition and Development Agreementamong the City, Inglewood Housing Authority (“Authority”), and Developer for an affordable senior housing development located at 502 through 508 South Eucalyptus Avenue, Inglewood, California 90301 (the “Project”).

The council set a public hearing to receive public comments on the applications from Bryant’s Inglewood Service, Inc., and B & H Inglewood Tow, Inc., to obtain permits to provide City referral towing services and a public hearing to receive input on the Triennial Report on Water Quality Relative to Public Health Goals (PHGs).

The council adopted Ordinance No. 19-10 amending Chapter 10 (Public Works) Article 18 (Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Within the Public Right-Of-Way) of the Inglewood Municipal Code.

City Clerk Yvonne Horton reported that she was selected to receive the Woman of Excellence

Award from the office of Assembly Member Autumn Burke.

City Treasurer Wanda Brown thanked the community for participating in her Community Workshop, Getting your House in Financial Order and thanked the mayor, council members and Inglewood City staff for supporting this information-packed community event.

Council member Dotson applauded Wanda Brown for a successful financial workshop and thanked the community for their support.

Member Padilla added his congratulations to Treasurer Brown and invited the community to the Knights of Columbus Hall at 8049 W. Manchester Blvd., on May 5th to the annual fund raiser dinner, with proceeds going to the scholarship fund.

Member Franklin applauded Treasurer Brown for a successful event and thanked the city staff for working diligently in the 4th District to eradicate illegal cannabis dispensaries.

Member Morales summed up the sentiments of the entire council with the utterance, “Wanda is the best!”

Mayor Butts adjourned the meeting.  


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