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Black and Brown Urban professionals in Inglewood and elsewhere are proceeding cautiously through the caronavirus threat that has taken the nation and indeed the world by storm. And, as each day passes and domestic health professionals learn more about the spikes in the disease and deaths that have taken place around the globe, young people seem to be taking the disease more seriously.

INGLEWOOD TODAY interviewed a young African American urban professional who fit the profile. Jim, who provided his first name only said, that he graduated from college with an undergraduate and advanced degree, is married with no children and earns over $100,000 per year in a management position.

Jim noted the images that were recently televised of college students partying on the beach in Florida during spring break without any regard for social distancing or apparent regard for their risk of transferring the virus or being infected by others. He also noted, a few days later, with admonitions that apparently came from Florida elected officials and news from the White House that several young people have died from COVID-19, that young people on the Florida beach appeared to be socially distancing themselves from others.

The highly contagious coronavirus that has exploded into a global pandemic can remain viable and infectious in droplets in the air for hours and on surfaces up to days, according to a new study that should offer guidance to help people avoid contracting the respiratory illness called COVID-19.

Jim said that he was taking necessary precautions and is most concerned about the economic impact the virus will have short, medium and long-term on our local and national economy.  “My concerns are economic,” Jim said. “Small businesses will suffer most. Restaurants and coffee shops are closed – at least through the end of the month and perhaps longer and people my age are unable to ‘hook-up’ with friends at bars, restaurants or fitness centers.”

With familiarization with the restaurant business, Jim said that the Grab and Go, carry-out only or drive through restaurants will likely lose considerable revenue from the young people and families who enjoy the experience of eating out. “It is not just the food, it is also the fellowship that is derived from sharing a meal with family and friends,” he said.

He also noted that the restaurant support workers will also suffer from COVID-19. “There will be no need to schedule hostesses, waitresses, and others who support the restaurant industry and they will definitely suffer if there are no customers. And we don’t know how long this will last.”

Jim acknowledged the White House’s pledge to provide $1,000-2,000 cash payments to individuals affected by COVID-19 although it is not clear who will be eligible for the payments, when or how the money will be distributed. Fortunately for Jim and his wife, neither of them will lose wages as a result of the virus as they are able to work from home thereby protecting their regular paychecks.

Jim offered his prediction on the upcoming presidential election. He said that he and many of his peers supported Bloomberg because of his moderate position on many of the issues, noting that Bernie was too far to the left and Biden’s views are too far to the right. He also expressed his concern that Biden, the presumptive Democratic candidate to oppose Trump does not have the verbal and mental acuity to compete with Trump on the debate stage and will have an uphill battle defeating him in the general election.

Icon at Grace Park

Finally, Jim shared his optimism for the City of Inglewood and the economic boon that is underway, once the COVID-19 threat has been neutralized. “The NFL stadium, the proposed NBA arena and the adjacent commercial development in the City of Inglewood will likely challenge City Walk in Downtown Los Angeles for one of the region’s primary entertainment destinations,” Jim said. “In fact, my wife and I are seriously considering a move to Icon at Grace Park, the development under construction that will be in walking distance from the new stadium.”

Icon at Grace Park is a new collection of 60 detached auto court style homes that will offer consumer inspired floor plans. This exclusive community will distinguish itself from nearby neighborhoods with a private clubhouse, community pool, and paseos integrated within the community.


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