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Business As Usual: Treasurer ‘Acts-Out’ Again

At the beginning of this week’s city council meeting Mayor Butts announced the telephone number for anyone who would like to call in for public comments on items on the agenda or later on any other matter.

The council set a public hearing to consider extending the Moratorium established by Ordinance No. 19-15 up to an additional 180 days on any self-storage facilities in the City or upon the effective date of a self-storage facility ordinance.

The council approved Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 14-142 with SERCO, Inc., to modify scope of services and increase maximum annual compensation amount as follows: for the contract year beginning June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021, increase the maximum annual compensation from $2,802,844.60 to $4,131,154.40, including one-time fees; and 2. for contract years 2021-2024 reduce the maximum annual compensation from $4,131,154.40 to $3,888,154.40.

The council awarded and approved a contract for a one-year agreement (with the option to extend four (4) additional one-year terms) with RideCo, Inc., to assist with the operation of a pilot shuttle service, per RFP No. 0142.

The council adopted a resolution to apply for, accept, and implement the State of California Housing and Community Development (HCD) Permanent Local Housing Allocation (PLHA) program.

The council set for July 21, 2020 a public hearing be set to receive public comments, and take final action on the draft Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Annual Action Plan; to initiate proceedings for the annual levy and collection of assessments for the Morningside Pk. Maintenance Assessment District No. 1974-2; to initiate proceedings for the annual levy and collection of assessments for the In-Town Maintenance Assessment District No. 1975-1,for the annual levy and collection of assessments for the Inglewood Street Lighting Assessment District No. 1980-1, and for the annual levy and collection of assessments for Darby-Dixon Maintenance Assessment District No. 1987-1.

The City Treasurer was granted one minute to express herself and, as she has done in previous meetings, made numerous false statements including those pertaining to the city’s unfunded liability, the City of Inglewood’s comparison to the City of Santa Monica and proposed layoffs of city staff. Similarly, she did not adhere to proper meeting protocol and decorum by refusing to end her remarks when her time was up and repeatedly, rudely interrupting others as they attempted to speak.

Mayor Butts swiftly debunked the Treasurer’s unfortunate and false assertions by explaining the difference between projected unfunded liabilities and the City of Inglewood’s healthy fiscal position as well as her assertion that the city is already planning layoffs, furloughs and closures.

Council Member Dotson encouraged everyone to continue to adhere to COVID-19 recommended safety guidelines.

Member Padilla thanked Inglewood Park Cemetery for their contributions to St. Margaret’s Center to help local families in need.

Member Franklin applauded Mayor Butts for reassuring city employees that despite the Treasurer’s statements, the city is not planning layoffs, furloughs or closures.

Member Morales, echoing the admonitions from his council colleagues said that it was unfortunate that some employees may have been made to feel that their job was in jeopardy based upon the Treasurer’s comments.

Before closing the meeting Mayor Butts said that it was unconscionable that an elected official would announce the name of a city employee in a public forum with false information and that the city’s reserves are in good shape and not at all comparable to the City of Santa Monica as the Treasurer alleged.


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