Inglewood man says he got coronavirus at Kaiser Turner Davis feared for his life and is still struggling


Our local hospitals and health facilities are the focal point of the vastly spreading novel coronavirus (COVID-19) disease that has engulfed America and the world during the past several weeks.

The challenges for all of these facilities are insurmountable, faced with a mad rush of people infected with the coronavirus disease, hospitals such as Kaiser and others has experienced a pandemic chaos.

Inglewood resident Turner Davis learned first hand how vicious the coronavirus disease is.

Davis, 65, took his wife Doris to Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center located at 6041 Cadillac Ave. on March 15th because she was experiencing a cough.

Since the explosion of coronavirus, every sneeze, cough, fever or level of discomfort is a cause for panic and alarm.

Not knowing if his wife had contacted the coronavirus, Davis drove Doris to Kaiser and was relieved to learn his wife did not have coronavirus, she just had a random cough.

However, upon returning home, Davis says that he became severely ill. He is convinced that he contracted coronavirus while at Kaiser.

Inglewood Today reached out the Kaiser corporate office in Oakland, but was not able to get through for a comment.

“Two days later I was flat on my back,” he explained to Inglewood Today.

Doris took Turner to Kaiser and they kept him for two days.

“I could not get any air, I kept coughing, I had a fever and I felt terrible,” Davis said.

According to Davis, Kaiser prescribed him antibiotics and a Ventolin inhaler, an inhaler albuterol for asthma with a built-in dose counter, to know how many sprays of medicine a patient had have left.

After being home for two days, Davis was rushed back to Kaiser again.

This time he was kept for three days and told that he had coronavirus.

Davis says that he was given the option of staying in the hospital for 10 days or to go home.

“I felt they were telling me there was nothing more they could do,” Davis explained.

He says he feared for his life.

“I have no appetite, I struggle getting out of bed and making it to the bathroom, and the bathroom is just steps away from my bed,” he said.

Davis says that he has been instructed to quarantine for 30 days. He says that he can’t walk a straight line and all he wants is air.

While he admits that he is feeling better, he does not feel that he is out of the woods just yet.

Davis fits the category of those most vulnerable to COVID-19, the deadly virus. He has been diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure for the past 20 years.

However, he says that he is quite healthy and has not endured any other health issues. He says he doesn’t smoke or dink alcohol.

Davis illness also dispels the myth that African Americans can contact coronavirus.

Asked what he would tell African Americans or anyone about what he has experienced from coronavirus, and he answer was profound.

“Once you get it, you need to be right with God.”


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