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Inglewood Today presents: The Community Chest

The city of Inglewood is a community of treasures. It is a culture-haven of promise and comradery, filled with jewels and gems. Our Community Chest column will spotlight the many components that make Inglewood special. We will shine a light on the treasures of our city –residents, business owners, artists, activists, young scholars and leaders. In the Community Chest, our readers will get an up-close, in-depth look at who and how positive change is being ignited on our streets and throughout our neighborhoods.
We will keep you in touch with community foundations, entertainment hot spots, eateries, city leaders, and more. If you’re a restaurant connoisseur, we’ll tell you where you should be grubbing. If you’re a night owl, we’ll show you where the party is. As Inglewood is currently in the midst of a rapid growth spurt, we will also be covering city projects and other infrastructure news.
There was a point in time when many Inglewood natives would call themselves leaving their home roots in search for a better life. But in so many ways, today, those times have changed. Now, in 2021, our people are coming home to pursue their dreams and ambitions. They’re coming home to the streets that raised them, and they’re coming with fresh and innovative ideas that are sparking more and more positive change. Inglewood Today looks forward to highlighting these difference-makers.
From residents, to restaurants, to entertainment and foundations, allow the Community Chest to be your weekly reminder that we live amongst treasures– right here in our own city. Watch Inglewood shine brighter than ever!


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