Inglewood’s King and Queen Beauty Salon Back in Business

RR, a barber at King and Queen Beauty Salon on La Brea Ave. and Centinela has been cutting hair for 28 years, but he also had to shut down during COVID-19. Last week the popular salon welcomed its happy customers back as it reopened, adhering to modified social distancing regulations. (Francis Taylor/Photo

After adhering to countywide instructions and retail and service establishment store closures, the King and Queen Hair Salon at 921 La Brea Avenue is open for business.

Providing a full range of hair care services for men women and children, King and Queen Hair Salon is a well-appointed shop with over 10 operator stations located in one of the city’s leading shopping centers in central Inglewood,

RR the barber in the first chair when you enter the spacious shop had been cutting hair for 28 years, said that King and Queen Hair Salon opened about a week ago and many of their regular customers are filling appointment calendars to receive the cuts, shaves and grooming that they have missed for nearly eight weeks.

Donald, RR’s client said that he usually visits King and Queen every two weeks and he was pleased when the closure restrictions were lifted and he was able to get back to his normal hair-grooming routine. He also said that his three children, two daughters and one son, did not visit the shop quite as often but they have already learned that maintaining proper hair grooming and appearance is very important.

Cuts at King and Queen cost around $25-30 and the price varies according to the complexity of the cut and if any special services are requested including beard trimming and shaping. To become a licensed barber it usually takes about one to two years, according to RR, and the individual must pass a state exam in order to obtain state certification.


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