Local businesses concerned over forced relocation from proposed Inglewood transportation project


The proposed Inglewood Transit Connector would link the LA Metro to SoFi Stadium, the Kia Forum, and the forthcoming Intuit Dome, but for some businesses that would be displaced by the project, it’s “a full money grab.”

The business owners said they’re being forced out by the City’s project. Amelia Hernandez works at Selwyn Jewlers at the Inglewood Center, she says the project will force many out of their jobs. According to the City of Inglewood, the project will force approximately 44 businesses to relocate.

“They are hoping by next year this building is completely demolished and hundreds of families will lose their livelihood,” Hernandez said.

The Center is home to the jewelers, a multi-generational Inglewood business, as well as small restaurants, mid-sized dental offices and larger retailers like CVS, that cater to a large senior citizen’s facility across the street.

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“We are affordable right now because we’ve managed to lock in our lease, but this type of moving and displacement will cause not only such a financial burden to us, but the community will no longer be able to live and enjoy Inglewood,” Hernandez said.

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr. says that while he understands some are worried about change, the city has a plan in place. 

“Whenever you have change, people get  nervous,” Butts said. “But, the reality is that the mitigation measures and our attempts to keep life as they knew it should have a real impact on people’s nervousness, and what actually happens when the relocations occur.”

The City is offering relocation funds, including a $5 million Business Assistance Fund, which will be available once construction on the progress begins, and has promised to help all the affected businesses to find new locations. But some businesses say rents have become unaffordable in the city. While some restaurants say they can afford higher rents with the projected extra clientele from the stadiums, this is the second time the city of Inglewood has forced Selwyn Jewelers to move. They say they’re not sure they or many other smaller businesses forced to relocate may survive the move. 

 “Yes, things are changing,” said Butts, “but they are changing for the benefit of the residents.”

Butts says the project will provide many jobs, and increase property values in the area, things that will benefit the majority of the city. 


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