Friday, June 14, 2024

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By Michelle Lyons, Columnist

This is the week we have been anxiously waiting for, for Joe Biden to select his running mate. On this short list are four phenomenal black women, who all appeal to both the right and the left. Just a few days ago, Elon Musk tweeted “the left is losing the middle” so HER job will enviably be to unite The Country by bringing everyone to the middle. I am a middle roader, also known as a conservative democrat/moderate so I can easily envision what this possible Queendom will look like. I say possible because it has been thousands of years since a woman of color has been in this position of power. So hopefully The World Is READY!

Is She READY? Because she must be a strong woman who is focused on rebuilding this Nation for our children.  The Conservative Right feel as if America has lost it’s core values, while The Progressive Left argues there weren’t many to begin with. Both sides have valid points and both sides have to be open for reform.  The American Dream is what makes this The Greatest Nation on Earth, but unfortunately even Dorothy and her crew could barely survive without a home, a heart, a brain and courageous. Meaning The American Dream is rare for those who do not come from loving homes, are not educated and even the educated have to be willing to take risk without losing their heart. 

The perfect moderate will understand both sides and convey to both sides the worry and fears of the other side. We took prayer out of schools and never replaced it, and we took trades out of school and never replaced them. Prayer needs to be replaced with 15 minutes of silence that way each child can choose to pray, mediate or think about all the things that they are grateful for.  I offend times think kids snap, similarly to adults, from lack of gratitude. No matter how bad your life is, it instantly becomes better when you focus on what you’re grateful for, even if it’s just waking up.

I love the word Queendom.  Queendoms are Patriarchal societies without misogyny.  Patriarchy or Matriarchy societies are not innately bad unless they oppress.  Misogyny oppresses women and when you oppress women you suppress the love that a society needs to function correctly.  A Chinese Emperor once said, “Women hold up half the sky”.  Which means if only men are holding the sky then half the people are in the clouds.  When we bring more women to the table The Entire Sky will be lifted: women will love and respect themselves more and in return will give love and respect to men and each other more.  Our systems will begin to fix themselves over time, but in the short run, together, women and men, will reform children services and prisons, put more money in Education, eradicate homelessness, create more green jobs for a sustainable future and continue to have the number one military in The World.  I know that we are at least four years from a Woman President, but I can’t wait for Queendom To Come!


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