The Black American Revolution

By Michelle Lyons

By Michelle Lyons

Every revolution has a spark. After being on lockdown for 2 months due to a global pandemic and witnessing multiple racist murders, the black american revolution was sparked on May 25th as The World witnessed a brutal murder of a handcuffed man named George Floyd. Four members of The Minnesota Police Department participated in a public lynching, one of the officers literally held his knee on the victims neck for 8 minutes and 30 seconds.  To make matters even worst, the African American community was still grieving the murder of another African American man, named Ahmaud Aubrey, who was murdered for jogging in a white neighborhood.  In both incidents, the criminal justice system failed to arrest the murderers until public outcry. Which further exposed to The World the inhumane systematic racism that is prevalent in The United States in 2020.

Well, Barack Obama said it best, “We are the ones we have been waiting for”. George Floyd became a Martyr because his best friend, Steven Jackson, a professional basketball player committed himself to make this crime a crime against humanity. Steven Jackson used his leverage and awakened The Entire World for what will go down in history as “The Great Awakening”. The Great Awakening, awakened the divine spirit around The Globe, where everyone was forced to ask, “Why after four hundred and one years of Blacks being in America does racism still exist?” African Americans have committed too much to America to not have the respect that we deserve. With that said, America’s youth took to the streets and celebrities of all races took to internet to protest “BLACK LIVES MATTER”.

When Black Lives Matter in this country, this country will dismantle systemic racism and become The Greatest Nation Ever. Our best years are ahead of us. We are all blessed to be witnessing this transformational history. Together we are stronger, so we must stay united choosing Love over Fear, Right over Wrong leading with our souls!


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